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City of Biggs, California
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Government 5-Year Plan


Building A Better Biggs 2015:  5-Year Plan
as of May 2010


By 2015 Biggs will:


1. Operate on a balanced budget with healthy reserves.
A. General Fund maintains emergency reserves = 40% of annual income.
B. General Fund covers public safety expenses.
C. Electric Fund maintains emergency reserves = 40% of annual income.
D. Grant project funds are positive or have identified receivables.
E. All other funds operate in the black.
2. Maintain utility rates that are competitive and stable.

Electric rates reflect stability of capacity resource mix with majority of load requirement covered by LEC (Lodi Energy Center), geo and hydro.


If needed, augment portfolio by buying REC’s (Renewable Energy Credits) or partnering in a renewable energy plant.


Water and sewer and garbage rates will rise less than 5% per year, except possibly sewer one time in conjunction with the WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) project.

D. Storm drain utility will cost no more than $5 monthly per household, will fund all storm drain maintenance.
3. Position the City for robust but orderly growth.
A. General Plan 2030 and pre-zoning in place and guiding decisions.
B. Farm Bureau, RD833, County, and Gridley are actively and affirmatively engaged in Biggs’ plan.  MOU’s (Memorandums of Understanding) in place to establish growth opportunities and partnerships.
C. Growth preference is for jobs (focus on ag-industrial and commercial), then market housing supported by community facilities districts.
D. Explore use of modest incentives for retailers and developers to locate and stay here.
E. Waste water treatment plant is scalable and upgraded to tertiary NPDES (State discharge permit).
F. Water system is full SCADA (automatic alerting and remote control), ample aquifer volume, always in compliance.
G. A tax revenue sharing agreement with the county is in place.
H. Gateways identify, announce and invite people to Biggs.
I. Design standards and construction standards are in place.
4. Begin to prosper economically.
A. A developer of alternative energy behind the city’s meter should be in operation or well into construction.
B. The City will have a real econ dev plan and be following it with active community support.  The hotel will be open as some sort of business, and other storefronts are being reopened.
C. Commercial development is planned and approved for the SR99 interchange gateway, property owner on board.
D. If housing market improves, work with developers on potential for market rate housing in Biggs Planning Area.
E. If Bayliss Ranch opens as a tourist draw, annex to city to provide services, link to other businesses, regulate and gain tax increment.
F. Plans underway for local or regional festival to draw tourism.
5. Be pedestrian friendly and plan bicycle path expansions.
A. No condition 4 or 5 (moderate, total failure) sidewalk sections.
B. Rounded ADA (a.k.a. handicap) ramps.
C. Sidewalks connect NBE (North Biggs Estates) to schools.  Plans underway for sidewalks to complete the city’s neighborhoods.
D. Provide connectivity to regional bikeway and path systems.
6. Benefit from attractive and useful public spaces.
A. Developed neighborhood park on Trent Street.
B. Well maintained park facilities and tennis courts.
C. Clean restrooms at Family Park and Rio Bonito Park.
D. Basic park & rec programs, active and sustainable teen center.
E. Attractive and efficient city hall facility.
F. Rental community hall – attractive, versatile, functional.
G. Healthy city trees line all collector streets – no barren gaps.
H. Library will be accessible, inviting, open, supported by community.
7. Preserve and celebrate legacy.
A. Local history is collected, archived, displayed.
B. City support for Hometown effort ensures it is perpetual and sustainable.
C. Visual reminders of the city’s heritage and character (monuments, banners, flower pots, benches, etc) are prominent.
8. Public safety is well delivered and appreciated.
A. Community Service Officers are visible, active, effective.
B. Marijuana is not cultivated outdoors in City limits.
C. Gang signs, if any, continue to be eradicated with a few hours of appearance.
D. If determined feasible, plans are underway to integrate police and fire as one efficient and versatile public safety department.
E. Blight is minimal and actively pursued by code enforcement.
9. Infrastructure continues strong and constantly improving.
A. 55 PSI consistent water pressure with no hammering, no outages.
B. 100% of customers served by metered water.
C. All Orangeburg sewer collection pipe replaced.
D. Neighborhood lift stations will have subtle, pedestal controls, interchangeable parts with bench stock, and be readily adaptable to emergency generators.
E. Streets are smoothly paved, well maintained.
F. Gutter valleys are repaired and in good condition.
10. Increase public participation in the decision making process; utilize technology and personal outreach to educate and engage citizens.



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